About Me

I'm a weird combination of two different worlds, those being a graduate from both Business School and Pastry School (kind of like being a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, in my opinion).

I live with my amazing husband and slightly insane polydactyl cat in downtown Toronto, and we do our daily best just to live our lives, help those we can, and not cause offense or drama.

While my (pipe) dream is to eventually open my own high-end bakery somewhere in Toronto, I also know that the likelihood of having a successful business in one of the least forgiving markets in Canada is too high a risk right now. So, in the meantime, I work my own micro-business making custom cakes and desserts in the evenings and on weekends; the rest of the time I'm a kick-ass Administrator to awesome companies as I am needed.

I am also an active member of my local Scouts Canada group, where I'm an assistant Venturer and
Rover Advisor, and as of this year a Beaver Leader (auugh!).  I never thought I'd enjoy hanging out with the little rugrats as much as I do, to be honest; they are so honest and refreshing in their reactions to new experiences, it just gives me joy to watch and participate in their lives. And hey, being able to get my "craft-on" after so many years doesn't hurt, either!

For the micro-seconds of time I have left to myself after achieving all of the above, I have lots of hobbies to keep my mind active, and some very close friends who keep my funny bone active too!  I hope you enjoy my weird little blog which over the months and years is expected to become filled with recipes, tutorials, interesting thoughts and ponderings from my odd little mind, and lots of pictures.

Welcome to my world!

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